Can I cancel my order?

We allow order cancellations up to December 13th with full deposit refunds. Cancellations after the 13th will forfeit your deposit because by this time we will have purchased the items for your order.

Can I make alterations to my order?

Absolutely. As long as we have the stock, we will try to accommodate order alterations. After the 13th we do not allow alterations as orders and their contents are “locked in”.

Will I get my deposit back?

We refund deposits in full for orders cancelled prior to December 13th. Otherwise it’ll be absorbed into the balance of your order, and you pay the remainder. In the instance that the value of your order is less than the $50 deposit paid, we will refund you the difference upon collection.

Do you deliver?

We won’t be able to deliver Christmas orders due to the demands on our van over Christmas. You can choose the Cannings store closest to you for your most convenient pickup.

Can I choose when I pick up my order?

You will be allocated a pickup day (close enough to Christmas for freshness) based on our production schedule. If the allocated day doesn’t suit, we will accommodate ‘Priority Pickup’ days.

Can I change my pickup location?

Up until the 13th of December you can change your pickup location to a different store of your choosing. Check your order confirmation for you current pickup location.

Do you have a list of ingredients for Christmas products?

The full list of Cannings Christmas Product ingredients can be found herewith allergens in bold.

I’m an online customer, can I combine an online order with a Christmas order?

Unfortunately not. Due to the demands on our driver over Christmas, Online orders will be cut off on Dec 19th and resume on the 29th. Our Christmas products can be ordered through a form separate to our online store.

How do I cook my Christmas products?

Click here for a comprehensive cooking list compiled by Sam Canning. Otherwise, ask our butchers when you collect your order and they will be happy to suggest things 🙂

When are you open over Christmas?

All of our stores are open til 12noon on Christmas Eve. We are closed on Christmas and Boxing Day. Trading resumes on Wednesday the 27th.

Do you have gluten free options?

We absolutely do. All gluten-containing products will be marked as such.

Do you have FODMAP friendly options?

Most of our stuffings do include onion or garlic but if you want to supply us with a custom stuffing we’ll be happy to use it in your order.

What do I need to collect my order?

Just quote your order number, or the full name under which the order was placed (this may be your spouse or a family member).

Can I provide my own stuffing?

Sure! If you mention it in your comments when placing an order we’ll be happy to oblige. We’ll be in touch when we put your order together. Otherwise, our pork and turkey products come with some awesome stuffings that we’ve developed.

Can I pay for my order up-front?

We take a $50 deposit upfront but for the vast majority of our Christmas products we offer a per kilo price and a weight range. Not until we are packing the order can we know the exact weight/price – before that we can only offer an estimate. We can cut certain things with a degree of specificity, but for items like a whole Turkey, there is some natural variation in size, hence why we advertise a weight-range.

Can I place multiple orders?

Absolutely. You can place as many orders as you want – especially if you have multiple events to cater over Christmas on different days. Please note that due to the way our system functions, each separate order will require a deposit.

Can I view my order?

Your order contents, quantities and collection details will be included in your confirmation email.

What if I didn’t receive a confirmation email?

Your order confirmation email should arrive in your inbox within an hour of ordering. Occasionally these emails will bounce, go to spam or the email address has been incorrectly entered. First, check your Spam folder (or the Promotions tab in Gmail), if it’s not there, get in touch; [email protected] with your full name and we’ll forward your order invoice to you.

What if my order costs less than the deposit?

Our $50 deposit is based on a percentage of our average Christmas order. If your order happens to be a small one, of lower value than $50, we will refund you the difference upon collection.

Can I freeze any of my produce?

Turkey breast fillets and buffes have already been frozen, so they cannot be frozen again. Also, the freezing process destroys the texture of ham, so we recommend that you avoid freezing. Shellfish and puddings should also not be frozen. Everything else on our list is fine to freeze for three months.

Will my order last till after Christmas Day?

As long as it’s refrigerated, for sure! Beef and Lamb will have a shelf-life of around 10 days, pork 10 days, Fresh turkey 8 days, other poultry 6 days. We calculate our pickup days based around optimum freshness for Christmas day proper

Can I make special requests of my order?

If you have special dietary requirements, or need special portioning or are working with a special recipe. Let us know in the “order notes – special requests” section when ordering and we will accommodate. If we aren’t going to be able to fulfil a request we’ll be in touch well ahead of time with an alternative.

Can I order items not on the Christmas list?

Unfortunately not. We’re unable to manage orders outside of our standard Christmas offering during this time. But rest assured, we’ll be well stocked on all your favourite Cannings products in the week leading up to Christmas. If you need non-Christmas products, come in a week before Christmas and stock up. Upon your request we will cryovac or package your meat in a way that is ideal for freezing.

Can I order products even after they’ve Sold Out?

Occasionally we are able to replenish some items and they’ll come back in stock, but in general, when it’s gone, it’s gone. We recommend placing your order early (first half of Nov) to ensure you get the product you want, at the size you want.

Will my Pork Rind/Skin be scored?

Unless you request otherwise when ordering, all uncooked pork roasting pieces will come pre-scored. Cannings uses parallel line method as we find it produces the best crackling!

Will my Turkey include giblets?  

Our Whole Turkeys will come with the giblets and part of the neck in a bag stored in the cavity. Great for making stocks and gravy!

Our Buffes do not include neck or giblets. We can recommend our All Natural Turkey Gravy – which was very popular last year!

Can you store my Christmas order for me?

Due to the immense pressure on our fridge storage space, we do ask that you collect your order on your allocated (or nominated day).